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Event Wi-Fi

Do you need Wi-Fi and critical digital resources for your next event?  Do you worry about the infrastructure in rural and remote event locations?

Event Wi-Fi is critical to make sure every aspect of your event runs smoothly and with much less stress.  Sierra Front Group has experience with events large and small and can make sure you have access to the digital resources you and your customers need at every stage of the event, 24 hours a day.  We provide Wi-Fi to an extensive array of events and help to make sure your systems are running efficiently and securely, while ensuring you are adequately prepared for almost and potential disruption to infrastructure. 

With Sierra Front Group you can reduce stress, improve efficiency, and rest assured that you and your customers are provided critical Wi-Fi access at all times.

Here’s what we can provide:

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Up and Functioning Within 2 Hours of Your Event
  • Servicing Large Events with Heavy Wi-Fi Traffic
  • Full IT Vendor with All Critical Hardware
  • Staff Onsite 24 hours, Fast and Efficient Service
  • Dedicated Generator and Resources in Case of Infrastructure Failure
  • Advanced Security Protocols and Safeguards
  • Serving Events Such as: The Reno River Festival, The Reno Rodeo, The Virginia City Camel and Ostrich Races, and Many Others

Make Sure You Have the Digital Resources You Need, When You Need Them

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Sierra Front Group has experience providing Cloud Hosting, Event Wi-Fi, Email Hosting, Web Hosting, Network Design, IT Consulting, and much more. We provide the support and service you need when you need it so your business can run well.

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